1703.1 Approved Agency
An approved agency shall provide all information as necessary for the building official to determine that the agency meets the applicable
requirements specified in Sections 1703.1.1 through 1703.1.3.
1703.1.1 Independence
An approved agency shall be objective, competent and independent from the contractor responsible for the work being inspected. The
agency shall disclose to the building official and the registered design professional in responsible charge possible conflicts of interest so
that objectivity can be confirmed.
1703.1.2 Equipment
An approved agency shall have adequate equipment to perform required tests. The equipment shall be periodically calibrated.
1703.1.3 Personnel
An approved agency shall employ experienced personnel educated in conducting, supervising and evaluating tests and special
1703.2 Written Approval
Any material, appliance, equipment, system or method of construction meeting the requirements of this code shall be approved in writing after
satisfactory completion of the required tests and submission of required test reports.
1703.3 Record of Approval
For any material, appliance, equipment, system or method of construction that has been approved, a record of such approval, including the
conditions and limitations of the approval, shall be kept on file in the building official’s office and shall be available for public review at
appropriate times.
1703.4 Performance
Specific information consisting of test reports conducted by an approved agency in accordance with the appropriate referenced standards, or
other such information as necessary, shall be provided for the building official to determine that the product, material or assembly meets the
applicable code requirements.
1703.4.1 Research and Investigation
Sufficient technical data shall be submitted to the building official to substantiate the proposed use of any product, material or assembly. If it
is determined that the evidence submitted is satisfactory proof of performance for the use intended, the building official shall approve the
use of the product, material or assembly subject to the requirements of this code. The costs, reports and investigations required under
these provisions shall be paid by the owner or the owner’s authorized agent.
1703.4.2 Research Reports
Supporting data, where necessary to assist in the approval of products, materials or assemblies not specifically provided for in this code,
shall consist of valid research reports from approved sources.
1703.5 Labeling
Products, materials or assemblies required to be labeled shall be labeled in accordance with the procedures set forth in Sections 1703.5.1
through 1703.5.4.
1703.5.1 Testing
An approved agency shall test a representative sample of the product, material or assembly being labeled to the relevant standard or
standards. The approved agency shall maintain a record of the tests performed. The record shall provide sufficient detail to verify
compliance with the test standard.
1703.5.2 Inspection and Identification
The approved agency shall periodically perform an inspection, which shall be in-plant if necessary, of the product or material that is to be
labeled. The inspection shall verify that the labeled product, material or assembly is representative of the product, material or assembly
1703.5.3 Label Information
The label shall contain the manufacturer’s identification, model number, serial number or definitive information describing the performance
characteristics of the product, material or assembly and the approved agency’s identification.
1703.5.4 Method of Labeling
Information required to be permanently identified on the product, material or assembly shall be acid etched, sand blasted, ceramic fired,
laser etched, embossed or of a type that, once applied, cannot be removed without being destroyed.
1703.6 Evaluation and Follow-Up Inspection Services
Where structural components or other items regulated by this code are not visible for inspection after completion of a prefabricated assembly,
the owner or the owner’s authorized agent shall submit a report of each prefabricated assembly. The report shall indicate the complete details
of the assembly, including a description of the assembly and its components, the basis upon which the assembly is being evaluated, test
results and similar information and other data as necessary for the building official to determine conformance to this code. Such a report shall
be approved by the building official.
1703.6.1 Follow-Up Inspection
The owner or the owner’s authorized agent shall provide for special inspections of fabricated items in accordance with Section 1704.2.5.
1703.6.2 Test and Inspection Records
Copies of necessary test and special inspection records shall be filed with the building official.