Licensed Special Inspector for the City of Philadelphia

Agency #058351 for the Following Categories:

Deep Foundations and Helical Pile Foundations
Demolition, Primary Inspector
High Strength Bolting and Steel Frame Installation
Post-Installed Concrete Anchor Installation
Pre-Cast Concrete Erection
Reinforced Concrete
Soils – Existing Site Soils conditions, Fill Placement, and Load-Bearing Capacity of Soils
Structural Masonry
Structural Stability of Existing Buildings and Structures
Structural Steel Fabrication
Structural and Non-Structural Seismic Resistance
• Visual Testing (VT)
• Magnetic Particle (MP)
• Ultrasonic Testing (UT)
• Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT)
• Boiler and Vessel VT

Wood Construction

Who is the DPRC-SI?

1704.3 Statement of Special Inspections

Where special inspections or tests are required by Section 1705, the registered design professional in responsible charge shall prepare a statement of special inspections in accordance with Section 1704.3.1 for submittal by the applicant in accordance with Section 1704.2.3.


The statement of special inspections is permitted to be prepared by a qualified person approved by the building official for construction not designed by a registered design professional.

Structural Engineering Services:

Residential Design
Commercial Design
Multi-Family and Mid-Rise Design

Light Gauge Metal
5 Year Philadelphia Facade Inspections
Experts Specializing in Masonry and Brick Repair
• Starbolts
• Bowed / Bowing Masonry Walls
• Cracked Masonry Walls
• Failed / Failing Masonry Wall
Brick Repointing Alternatives

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